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EDT 12 Driving Lessons Naas

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    EDT 12 Driving Lessons Naas

    Are you familiar with 12 EDT lessons Naas? EDT or Essential Driver Training is a course of 12 sessions. Each session is a one-hour pre-designed training lesson to help a learner with the vital skills required for driving properly with a focus on safety at all times.

    Be among the several students who have completed 12 EDT driving lessons at DLN driving school in Naas. We assure you excellent results on your investment and a higher degree of unmatched EDT driving lessons in Ireland.

    Godrive 12 Edt Lesson Naas

    Why should I enroll for 12 (EDT) lessons Naas?

    As per the rules of the RSA(Road Safety Authority), it is mandatory for every new learner who is willing to learn to drive to attend 12 EDT (Essential driver training) driving lessons before a date is given to them for a driving test.

    Who should finish the 12 Essential driver training lessons?

    Well, any driver with his/her learner permit received on/after04th April 2011 needs to attend 12 Essential driver training(EDT) driving lessons. It is mandatory according to the law.

    After you finish every single module, your certified DLN-approved driving instructor starts keeping a track of the advancement in the logbook of RSA EDT driving lessons.


    What all is covered in 12 Essential Driver Training(EDT) driving lessons

    Lesson 1

    Car Controls & safety checks

    Lesson 2

    Precise positioning

    Lesson 3

    Changing Directions

    Lesson 4

    Progression Management

    Lesson 5

    Correct positioning

    Lesson 6

    Anticipation &reaction

    Lesson 7

    Sharing the road

    Lesson 8

    Driving safely through traffic

    Lesson 9

    Changing Direction

    Lesson 10

    Speed management

    Lesson 11

    Driving calmly

    Lesson 12

    Night Driving

    RSA 12 EDT Driving Logbook- What is it all about?

    You should always carry the EDT logbook while attending every driving lesson. The Logbook is a vital document that should be kept safely.

    The Logbook will be stamped and signed off by your ADI after every allotted lesson gets over. Your instructor will keep data of their training on the certificate pages.

    The Essential Driver Training(EDT) logbook will keep track of all your training activities, tips, advice, and comments are written in the Logbook.

    You will not be able allowed to appear for the Irish driving exam if you do not complete 12 EDT driving lessons, Naas. You can only appear for the test after completing these 12 sessions once it is uploaded that you attended all 12 lessons on the portal of Road Safety Authority -EDT.

    DLN Driving School is one of the best providers of 12 EDT Driving Lessons in Naas. We assure you timely upload of the logbook.

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    What Our Customers Love About Us

    Ross Cusack

    Nadine is an amazing instructor, I was driving for years on a provisional license and the longer I avoided the test the more nervous I became. Nadine makes you feel comfortable and gives you a confidence behind the wheel. She breaks things down into easy steps and taught me things over a couple of lessons.

    Sonal Verma

    Kamila in DLN Driving School is an amazing instructor. She gave me the best techniques to overcome some of my most challenging aspects in driving. She is really so good and picks on areas that need improvement. I know I couldn't practice enough, but a few sessions with Kamila earned me my full driving license.

    Gareth Fitzgibbon

    I took my lessons with Kevin and Kamila I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and kind. If you are a first-time driver or wouldn’t get the opportunity to drive with your parents/guardians often I would suggest giving these guys a call!

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