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Pretest Driving Lessons Naas

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    Pretest Driving Lessons Naas

    Our Pretest driving lessons Naas have helped learners pass their driving test on the first attempt for more than 30 years now. What is the reason behind this high success rate? When it comes to driving instructors, most of them are the same. Aren’t they? Well, no this is not always the case.

    We are one of the most reputed driving schools in the country and testers know that we function to deliver results for learners. Almost, all driving schools claim to be the best but at DLN, we believe in producing results. We want you to experience and test us to know why everyone refers us and uses us . Our happy learners do the talking for us.


    Prepare to pass the driving test

    Every task needs preparation. Whether it is a job interview, presentation, or speech, you need to do some homework to appear on different occasions.

    Similarly, appearing for a driving test with preparation will help you clear the exam with confidence. Getting ready for your driving test with a pretest will add to your confidence.

    A pretest is like revising your lesson before the final exam to practice and memorize vital aspects to perform better.

    A pretest is one of the important steps that help brush your driving skills and techniques before appearing for the actual driving test on the road. One of our certified instructors will help you practice on the road while concentrating on real facts same as you will face in the real driving test.

    Preparation under the supervision of the instructor on the Pretest

    Once you get your driving test date you will need to know all their is to know

    It is better to start the pretest after completion of 12 EDT(essential driver training) lessons with our certified driving instructor. It helps you get more time to test your skills and get an improved assessment from our driving instructor which will resolve your weaknesses in a specified time and pay attention to areas that need improvement and practice.

    A pretest will help you get familiar with the driving test course, and the problems that you may encounter will be resolved during this lessons. A complete practice lessons will boost your confidence to perform better and as you would get the chance to practice while facing similar challenges as a real driving test, you won’t find it difficult on the day of your actual driving test.

    preparation-under instructor-godrive

    Important tips to consider on the day of your Driving Test

    You must be thinking about some shortcuts to clear the test on the first attempt. But, practice is the only ingredient to clear the driving test in one go. A lot of other things that you can consider to do better are.

    Be confident and trust your driving skills as you have cleared all 12 EDT(essential driver training) lessons. If you have attended the pretest lessons, you will be confident.
    Make sure you do not skip the pretest lessons as you may regret it later. Yes, Pretest is crucial to brush your skills and work on pain points.
    Make sure you revise the vital traffic and road signs to follow them when you are driving on the test day. It is mandatory to follow the signs coming your way.
    Go through the rules of RSA as you may be asked about them in theory.
    Keep all your documents ready a couple of days before your driving exam.
    Make sure you reach the center early. It will help you prevent possible delays in the processes.
    Make sure you follow the two-second rule to have a safe distance between the two cars.
    If you realize that you have made a mistake, do not linger over it, rather continue driving the car with confidence. The mistake may not be a big deal as you think.

    If you are enrolling for our pretest lessons, then you can sit back and relax without thinking too much about all these vital points. We will help you cover all the points and other details to help you face the challenges during the actual driving test and manage them effectively.

    You should practice enough before appearing for the driving exam with our pretest lessons to get all the details of the challenges you will face on the day of the actual driving test.

    We help you prepare for all the difficulties so that you are confident and relaxed on that day.

    What will you gain through a Pretest?

    Practical exposure to the actual driving test.
    Help you test your driving skills to figure out the mistakes and areas that need improvement.
    Enough practice lessons for thorough revisions to brush up driving skills around the traffic and corners.
    Enough practice through complex routes and testing your skills and speed for better analysis.
    Revision of road & traffic signals that you need to follow while driving.
    Get tips to do better and identify the areas that you need to improve on.

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    What Our Customers Love About Us

    Ross Cusack

    Nadine is an amazing instructor, I was driving for years on a provisional license and the longer I avoided the test the more nervous I became. Nadine makes you feel comfortable and gives you a confidence behind the wheel. She breaks things down into easy steps and taught me things over a couple of lessons.

    Sonal Verma

    Kamila in DLN Driving School is an amazing instructor. She gave me the best techniques to overcome some of my most challenging aspects in driving. She is really so good and picks on areas that need improvement. I know I couldn't practice enough, but a few sessions with Kamila earned me my full driving license.

    Gareth Fitzgibbon

    I took my lessons with Kevin and Kamila I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and kind. If you are a first-time driver or wouldn’t get the opportunity to drive with your parents/guardians often I would suggest giving these guys a call!