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Mock Test Driving Lesson Naas

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    Our Mock test driving lesson Naas, and our pre-test lessons are considerably different than others in the industry. A mocktest is exactly the replica of a real driving test. You will get real-time exposure to theory questions, bonnet checks, additional controls and actual drive.

    A mock test proves to be the perfect way to test and encourage the learners to do better and allow them to get the feel of the actual test and how to manage the challenges of the actual driving test.

    A lot of learners pass their actual driving test through an all-inclusive Mock test.


    One hour of Second Mock test

    Half an hour of working on your main weaker points like reversing, positioning, and reacting to hazards.

    Twenty minutes of hazard perception where the material & techniques to fore see , plan and analyse what other road users may act like.

    Ten minutes of recap and then a strategy for the second 2-hour lesson and then comes the training & practice you should engage in between the sessions.

    Lesson 2 – Mock Test
     One week or 3 days before the test

    Ten minutes of independent driving to evaluate the student’s development and improvement from the last lesson. Question and answer session with our driving instructor.
    Twenty minutes of a corrective lesson to practice and correct the major points observed during the lesson while creating, judging space, hazard appreciation, what-if strategies… the latest screening techniques.
    Twenty minutes of the same mock test atmosphere created which includes marking you, testing you the same as the tester, same routes as you will be driving on, and having questions asked at the same time.
    You will face a high-pressure and daunting situation just like the actual test.
    This will show how you are going to perform and help us know how you will cope in a pressure situation. It will allow us to test you and work on your weaknesses until you attain perfection.
    Take a small break…
    Ten minutes of fault analysis to brief you about your Mock test score and the reason why you were marked that way. It helps you identify what went wrong and where you need im and how you can rectify the mistakes.
    Fifteen minutes of practice on a specific aspect where you want to work closely with us and get advice and guidance from us.
    Another twenty minutes mock test with a thorough marking sheet which will highlight the improvements from the last mock test and prepare you for the actual test and offer you the ability to drive independently for the entire test duration.
    Ten minutes of scanning of the mock test and suggestions on areas you need to work on.
    Five minutes of theory questions, secondary controls, bonnet, and discussion about times & documentation required on test day.

    One-hour Mock test lesson

    Proof of learner vehicle & permit checks to make sure everything is in place including tax, NCT, insurance, etc.,

    A stress-free drive on certain routes where you drive independently. It includes a helpful comment, quick reverse, and correctional chat, andreturn to the test center to park the vehicle and head to the waiting area.

    At this stage, a crucial point to remember is that you requested the tester to be seated with you and not vice versa.

    You need to obtain a license from him. You need to show your driving skills for the next 30 minutes in such a way that you do well in all areas, so, before you start feeling nervous, these testers are just like family members and they mark fairly and transparently.

    Upon showing your skills and confidence throughout you will also get that pink license.

    DLN Driving School has been the expert in helping learners gain success for a while now. Our success rates and premium driving lessons tell our success story.

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    What Our Customers Love About Us

    Ross Cusack

    Nadine is an amazing instructor, I was driving for years on a provisional license and the longer I avoided the test the more nervous I became. Nadine makes you feel comfortable and gives you a confidence behind the wheel. She breaks things down into easy steps and taught me things over a couple of lessons.

    Sonal Verma

    Kamila in DLN Driving School is an amazing instructor. She gave me the best techniques to overcome some of my most challenging aspects in driving. She is really so good and picks on areas that need improvement. I know I couldn't practice enough, but a few sessions with Kamila earned me my full driving license.

    Gareth Fitzgibbon

    I took my lessons with Kevin and Kamila I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and kind. If you are a first-time driver or wouldn’t get the opportunity to drive with your parents/guardians often I would suggest giving these guys a call!